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Travel exclusively whatever your need!

With Transfer Serenity Ncc you can choose the most suitable car for your transfer. You decide whether to travel aboard a modern and sporty car or rent a minivan suitable for family and friends. Whether it is a business or pleasure trip, comfort is guaranteed.

A service of the TRANSFER SERENITY NCC  if it works well, it can withstand the workload of an event that attracts the attention of an entire city.


We have contributed to the success of several major medical and law congresses.


Personal transfers made to our Bishop Del Covolo from the Vatican.

We don't just deal with big events!


We have created a management model that is simple and replicable on every scale: from the birthday party tointernational event passing through the weddings or the team building event.

So, whether you are invited to a reception or you are the one who takes care of the success of an event, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tell us your needs and we will build the best transport service for you and your guests.

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Evento nazionale calcio siciliano.

Massimiliano Alvini – Allenatore serie A


Transfer Serenity NCC
Transfer Serenity NCC
Transfer Serenity NCC

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